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Libraries: East Asian Collections

  • The Asia Library(University of Michigan, USA)
    A CJK facility.

  • The Gordon W. Prange Collection at the University of Maryland Library contains the most comprehensive collection of Japanese-language materials dating from the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1945-1952. The Collection comprises virtually everything published on all subjects during the first four years of the Occupation, 1945-1949; it includes books, pamphlets, newspapers, periodicals, and related archival materials.

  • Bodleian Library, Department of Oriental Books, Oxford University
    Online catalogues searchable in Chinese and Japanese, with Korean to be added in late 1998. Chinese, Japanese, and/or Korean software necessary for reading and entering search queries.

  • CEAL - Committee On East Asian Libraries (U Oregon,CEAL,USA)
    "The objectives of the Council shall be: (a) to serve as a faculty-librarians" forum for the discussion of East Asian library problems of common concern; (b) to formulate programs for the development of East Asian library resources, bibliographic controls, and access; and (c) to improve inter-library and international cooperation in East Asian library development and services."

  • Chinese and Japanese Art History WWW Virtual Library (NY University, USA)
    A register of symposia, conferences, grants and other Chinese and Japanese art history events, primarily aimed at graduate students.

  • East Asian History of Science Library (SOAS, UK)
    Holdings of the East Asian History of Science Library at the Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, UK, and gives instructions for on-line searching. The library was founded by Joseph Needham, and is a major resource for the Science and Civilisation in China project.

  • East Asian Libraries Cooperative WWW - Asian Studies (Ohio State U.USA)

  • The Harvard-Yenching Library (Harvard University, USA)
    Guide to the Harvard-Yenching Library, Links to other WWW sites [incl. Reischauer Institute at Harvard, Korea Institute at Harvard, CEAL member libraries, EastAsia in cyberspace (links to other US East Asian collections and sites in East Asia), and the Harvard University HOLLIS library catalog and resources], Examples of OPACs with vernacular character display, newspapers in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western languages, Links to other East Asian resources]

  • Online Chinese Libraries (ANU,Australia)
    Telnet addresses of major Chinese language collections libraries in China, HK, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore

  • Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought (Toyogakuen University, Japan)
    Charles Muller's extensive textual and lexicographical Web resource has been upgraded to a faster corporate server, with a new URL.

  • European Association of Sinological Librarians (EASL) (U. Kiel, Germany)
    EASL Membership Directory; BEASL (Bulletin of the European Association of Sinological Librarians); European China Library Groups; European Sinological Libraries Project; EASL Conferences; Libraries & East Asian Library Associations; Resources on East Asian Culture (Literature & Philosophy, Art, Cinema, Music, History, Medicine); Bibliographies & References; New Media; General Information on Asia; Universities in East Asia; Academic Institutions; Politics, Law & Human Rights; Dictionaries; Discussion Lists; Booksellers; Computer & Software; Language Courses; How to Read CJK on the Internet; News & Searching Tools

Journals on East Asia

  • Cornell East Asia Series (Cornell University East Asia Program, USA)
    Scholarly monographs, translations of literature and major works of literary criticism or social analysis, and specialized textbooks dealing with the cultures of the region.

  • East Asian Diplomacy and Defence Review (Kanwa Information Center, Canada)
    "...the first academic journal (monthly) in the world to study East Asian diplomacy and defence by making use of three languages..." (English, Japanese, and Chinese).

  • East Asian Diplomacy and Defence Review [mirror site] (University of Toronto, Canada)

  • The Common Voice An E-Journal published by the Allied Committee of The Peoples of Eastern Turkestan, Inner Mongolia and Tibet, USA

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